Do you have an HP printer and want to set it up at your home or office? Visit the link 123.hp.com/setup or read the content given below to start the setting up procedure now.

Unpack and Prepare the HP Printer for the Installation Process

  1. Remove the printer from the packing.
  2. Follow the setup instructions to remove the packing. (Watch for tape on and inside the printer.)
  3. Connect the power cable to the printer, power it on, and insert the print cartridges. Allow the printer's startup process to finish, which involves printing an alignment page (if applicable).
  4. From the website 123.hp.com/setup, download the necessary software for your printer and operating system for your computer or mobile device.
  5. Choose one of the connecting methods mentioned below. We suggest using HP Auto Wireless Connect for connecting. The other techniques are just backups.
  6. Procedure to download and install the HP Printer Drivers on your device from 123.hp.com/setup

The downloading and installing procedure of HP printer drivers is given here in simple steps.

  • Turn on both the HP printer and your device.
  • Open a web browser and enter 123.hp.com/setup into the address bar.
  • Ensure that cartridges are installed, paper is loaded, and the printer is powered on. To get the appropriate software for your printer, click Download.
  • In the area given, provide the model number of your HP printer.
  • Select a printer driver
  • Simply click the download button.
  • Navigate to the downloaded folder and double-click the program file to begin the installation process.

123.hp.com/setup | Download and Setup HP Printer

HP printers allow you to print from anywhere in the globe with the easy, excellent velocity and active Internet connection. It provides world-class services and therefore, it is the most trusted brand of the world. Start making use of it and visit 123.hp.com/setup to know the setup process and download it today.


  1. Difficulty in configuration
  2. Printer Installation or HP Printer setup problem
  3. Frequent Paper Jams, Ink Cartridge Jam
  4. Corrupted or Outdated Print drivers
  5. Paper Jam in spooling area, Print spooler error
  6. Very low printing speed
  7. Paper feeder picks up multiple papers
  8. Paper mismatch error
  9. Computer hangs while using a printer
  10. Printer driver not installed properly